Our Love Affair with Jojo Abot

I mean if its not enough that she is just strikingly beautiful both inside and out then her music will most definitely top it off. 

I remember the first time I heard Jojo Abot live. I was immediately mesmerized by how her music made me feel. It put me in a place and time, away from where I currently was. I was in her narrative experiencing what she was singing; literally living her melody for the moment. After that first performance I was hooked. 

We have a passion for Humans who not only live their dreams in the fullness of who they are but live them unapologetically. Since then we have had the great pleasure of working with Jojo Abot and her amazing team from video shoots to evening Galas! Check out how she rocks in NYORH AGWE-

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Jojo Abot & Team


Nyorh Agwe