WHAT'S NEW: Youtube Series "The Process Journals"

Hey guys! We are very excited to share with you our new youtube channel The Process Journals

Under this channel, you will get to see lit-er-a-lly all the behind the scenes process it takes for us to complete our projects. From collections to community work, you will see it all. Depending on each project videos will be uploaded once a week and shared in our newsletter (so go ahead and click join if you haven't already ;D) 

Our first project showcases the process behind the NA15 M'ba M'etta Collection. The core inspiration of this collection emerged from our exploration of ancient traditional "Metta" arts, specifically raffia dyeing and weaving. To ensure that Metta art culture does not fade away but is forever preserved, our end goal was to explore how we could transform this ancient practice into a process that could be used in current society. 
In the first phases we visit one of our artisans Auntie Reggie, who had already started her own exploration of natural dyeing on fabrics. Our collaboration brought us to discover new materials and methods that are ethical and sustainable. Of course you know where to go to see the end result collection right? Click here. 

Now I know you guys must be expecting some off the bat extravagant videos but to be honest this is our first time venturing off into this kind of arena! Everyone starts from somewhere. Growth, be it flawed or flawless, is something we truly believe in accenting at NYORH AGWE because it is in the process of growing that is the real value rather than the end result. Plus we would just love for you guys to grow with us as we discover how raw talents of all kinds can be fine tuned into pure excellence.

Check out the new video below. Let us know what you think!   

Nyorh Agwe