Basmati Rice Bag Swag

Basmati Rice Bag Swag

I started the basmati bag as a one of a kind piece just for myself. In fact, the idea came from a rice bag I recycled after my mother’s event. She bought like 3 humungous bags of rice, you know how we ethnic people do, and of course there was tons left over. As I saw her throwing away the bags and I was like WAIT….these are pretty cool! I ran back to New York to make the bag come to life and little did I know it was going to bring me so much wahala! 

In combination with some leftover zippers and raffia that I had recycled I put together my Basmati Rice Bag. Before you know it everywhere I went; on the train, at events, shopping, dancing, etc. people loved it. I was super surprised at the response. It brought about some great conversations between I and those who stopped me to ask where I got it from. I heard everything form “I remember when grandma used to” type stories to “yea we eat that too” comments from here and there. It was amazing how one bag shared so many similar experiences across different people. I had to find a way to bring it back. 

After much gathering, I am so happy to say that if you did not know now you know. The Basmati Rice Bag is back in action with a new look and a new purpose too! If the burlap exterior was not sturdy enough we also have enforced it with a middle lining and an interior linen lining as well. The inside pocket has been moved to the the exterior for quicker access and the raffia tassel is finished off with a cute matching ribbon. Every item used to make this bag is recycled, so outcomes may vary. Non the less, with each bag purchased 20% of the proceeds will go to purchasing a whole new bag of Basmati Rice (like the big ones your auntie uses) to donate to NYC Foodbank. We all should be able to eat and enjoy, right? 

To purchase your bag click here and get your #basmatiricebagswag on. Too corny? Whatever, sounded cool to me! lol. And hey, share your stories with us! What was your favorite Basmati Rice memory? Comment below and we would love to share it on our platform.

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