How to eat Granuts like a pro!

I just discovered my whole life as a Cameroonian American has been a complete lie! For 22 years I have been eating grants incorrectly! OOOOOO SHAME OOOO! 

Lmfao, okay loosing the drama but seriously it's like being from the south and not knowing how to eat sunflower seeds! Cause you know if you are really from the south you know there is a science to eating sunflower seeds. As stereotypical as that is the same goes for Cameroonians and their granuts! I always wondered why I finished last but no more will I struggle! So this weekend I promised I would find out the secret to the do's and don'ts to eating granuts like a pure bred cameroonian. 

But first, what is a granut? Granut is just the west african name for peanuts. So Granut soup= Peanut Soup, Granut paste= Peanut Paste, Fried Granut= fried peanuts. Get it? Yea, when we say granut it is most likely referring to the type we are talking about right now, which is simply the plan ol' original version boiled with the shell. What makes granuts so addicting is its taste and the cracking shell aspect. The perfect texture is achieved by the perfect boiling time. This is not a microwave kind of thing so don't even. Granuts that have been boiled well are not soft or pasty tasting and are not raw or brittle tasting. It should have a slight crunch to it; the perfect in-between of raw and soft. 

I truly think the process of eating grants is really why west africans love it so much so now let's get down it! 

So here it is! The secret trick to eating granuts successfully is to crack it with its little hump (the area circled in first image) facing up. Dude, that's it. That's all there is to it. This way you will always get quick, easy, and yummy results. If you crack the shell with the hump facing down you will most likely get these results...

Yea, the struggle. First image is of me cracking it incorrect. Second image is of me struggling to get it in the middle (which by the way will not work. Trust me. It will just end as a work out for your thumb.) Third image is of me cracking it incorrectly, giving up, and then just biting it (which was not working too well either)


So if you want to make your life easier just crack it with the hump facing up and you will always get yummy results!


See I got it! Yay!

Now you can just pop those babies back like a pro! Enjoy!

Nyorh Agwe