On Repeat: Our Top 5 Cameroon songs!!

Aaaaaawoooooooo!!! I have seriously been jammin in Cameroon these past few days! Cameroon musicians are coming out of nowhere left and right! Listen, I am very picky when it comes to music. Meaning, purpose, rythm, presentation, ORIGINALITY, and most importantly emotion mean a lot to me when listening to music. Most of the musicians dominating the African music industry come from Nigeria so I am super excited to hear some really good...again, GOOD (as in not that high pitch SWF woman your mama plays on Sundays) musicians coming out of Cameroon. Whether I understand what they're saying or not it is feel good music! Anyway, here are my Top 5 favs on currently on repeat from Cameroon artists. There are many more so if you have a must suggestion leave a comment! 

1. Reniss- La Sauce

2. Magasco All VIP.... in addition to the Wule Bang Bang song cause I can't decide

3. Maahlox Le Vibeur- Ca ne rit pas

4. Salatiel- Ce Se Passe Ici

5. Lady Ponce- La La La