Nyorh Agwe on the Cover of Cosmo's Top Mocada Gala looks

Nyorh Agwe made the cover of Cosmo NG's Top favorite styles for this year's Museum of Contemporary African Diaspora Arts Masquerade Ball  (MoCADA Museum). 

"Celebrities and influencers recently attended the MoCADA Museum, and celebrated 16 years of its dedication and advancement of contemporary black art and culture. The celebration took place at MoCADA's 2nd Annual Masquerade Ball in Brooklyn's Academy of Music (BAM). Since Cosmo was on style watch, we managed to  pin point a few attendees who wore fashion inspired by or made in Africa...."

Model and Entrepreneur Simone Small wore a full look from the "M'ba M'etta Collection"- a hand woven raffia and wool shaw, cotton poplin palm tree sleeve bowl neck blouse, screen print palm tree culottes, and a custom necklace and head-tie to pull the entire look together. 

Thank you Cosmopolitan NG for the love! Read the full article here 

Nyorh Agwe