Introducing Fashion Illustration Africa: A New Generation

We are so excited to announce the soon to come revealing of our collaboration with African Iindependent publisher Shoko Press.

"Shoko Press is a publisher of illustrated artbooks that capture slices of the exciting contemporary creative arts and social cultures shaping a modern and dynamic Africa.

Written and produced in collaboration with some of the continent’s leading creative practitioners and cultural commentators, beautifully presented content in areas such as, art, design, photography, fashion, architecture and lifestyle will take you on a journey to not only discover new narratives that will inspire and enrich, but also ones to cherish and help preserve for future generations."

Their soon to come publication "Introducing Fashion Illustration Africa; A New Generation" features illustrations and works created by Nyorh Agwe. Here's a lil blurred sneak peak ;D-

We are more than proud to be part of a movement that will foster the next generation of African creatives. To see more of our work and the beautiful work of many other African creatives get on their site asap!

The book is set to be published to the public on the 26th of September, but you can preorder you copy now. Check it out here.  

Nyorh Agwe