#tbt Nyorh Agwe Featured in New African Woman Magazine

*sigh* I remember it like it was yesterday! I was a fresh young graduate, exhausted from weeks of not sleeping struggling to complete my Thesis Collection. "M'ba M'etta- We the Metta People"- A declaration to my people reminding them of their self worth, greatness, and importance, as well as an reassurance to myself that I too belong to my people and that I no matter where or how I grew up I was worth belonging. In a mix of delicate palm tree prints, rich taffetas, intricate dyes and wovens the clothes proclaimed this revelation.

The narrative was shared in the pages of New African Woman Magazine June 2015 Issue right after I graduated. It was the first major publishing I had been featured in. Styled by the amazing Rosemary Kokuhilwa and worn on the breath-taking Tanzanian model Flaviana Matata, the pieces reiterated the story of strength and identity. 

Your story is to be shared. No matter how bad or how ugly, your burdens were never ment to be carried by you alone. There is strength, power, and healing in your story because there is strength, power, and healing in you. Now if you can embrace that individually, imagine the power our stories can hold as a collective unity.   

Nyorh Agwe