NYORH AGWE Under Reconstruction and We Need Your Help!

Hello All!
I hope you all are well. You may have noticed a little inactivity on our end lately, but this does not mean we have stopped our work! In fact, with a recent move, our team of 3 have been working to re-evaluate our purpose, structure, values, and activity as it relates to you. Your support in one way or the other has contributed to the growth of this brand since opening its operations in 2016. We could not be here if it were not for you and we would like to continue growing with you by our side.
So we created this community forum to share with us your thoughts, experiences, expectations, and how we can better meet those expectations. We are a super small start-up so while I cannot promise you all things under the sun I can promise you that we will not fail to deliver the type of service and products you deserve. Your feedback is important to us. As we have stated before, it takes a village to raise a child and in the same way it will take a village to raise this brand. Please take the time to fill out the forum by clicking :

P.S- Those who fill out the forum will also automatically be candidates for the incredible events/promotions we have on the way!

We thank you so much for your contribution.
All the best,
Nyorh Agwe.

Nyorh Agwe