#NACOLLABO: NYORH AGWE in Fashion Fix Daily

"She Moved To The City"

In collaboration with the amazing photographer Nicholas Policarpo, we visualized a story.

"“She Moved to the City” is taken from a work by Cameroonian author Eza Boto entitled “Ville Cruelle”. The main character has no money to pay his love’s dowry, so he decides to sell coco in the city to earn money. The novel deals with interesting themes of colonialism, poverty and hardship. This shoot is an American take on Boto’s story - how creatives moving to NYC have similar, but more modern, problems finding work and a means of living."

Alongside other great brands such as Daniel Silvertstain, NOT, Alexandra Nam, Elena Rudenko, Narciss, Coach & Adidas the story was featured in on of Scotland's edgy online platforms Fashion Fix Daily.

Check out the full story here

Photographer - Nicholas Policarpo 
Stylist - Scott Shapiro 
Hair & MUA - Elyssa Marie 
Model - Kara K. @ MMG New York