WHAT'S NEW: TPJ "Talent Scouting in Foumban, Cameroon."

Sooooooooooo, you might be wondering how in the word does episode 1 of TPJ (The Process Journals) lead into Talent Scouting in Foumban, right? Chyea what had happened was ,lol, after a tragic issue with my hard drive (that hosted all of the process to making NA15 ) I had to work with the remaining files I had left; my 2016 videos that were already saved on my computer (thank God!)

But no matter when or where TPJ is posted to showcase to you the how, which is most important of all; how do we find collaborations, how do we work as a team, how do we communicate through language and culture barriers and all the while succeed. Therefore, while my hard drive is in the ER let's fast forward together to 2016! This time we traveled again to Cameroon with NA17 in mind. NA15 inspired us that working with artisans from Cameroon could be a major possibility with the proper training and development. So the summer of 2016 was all about finding these hidden talents and discovering how we could not only showcase their unbelievable craftsmanship in NA17, but also fullfill our promise of long term stability in their lives. Take a look!

Nyorh Agwe