#NACOLLABO: Rising Star Photographer Sundncekid Narrates Self-Growth At Peer Space Exhibition

On June 8th, Peer Space held an exclusive exhibition celebrating a hand chosen collective of visionary photographers.

Walking into the all white space, the sounds of black excellence like Kendrick Lamar's "BE HUMBLE" vibrated the room full of diverse creatives. There was such a lovely care free vibe and a great sense of pride and confidence. That charisma comes from growth and self-love, a topic that spoke vividly through SunDnceKid's presentation.

In his words,  

""I Find It Hard to Say" is a project I did in conjunction with @Peerspace. Showcasing some work from a few like minded creatives. This project is a visceral Ode to Self-Growth. All too often life has its way of sullying our will to keep, keepin' on so to speak. "I Find It Hard To Say" is that visual reminder that a helping hand isn't as far away as we think & These things we experience through life get easier to talk about. So from where I am to where ever you are; enjoy.""



So Thankful to the team for choosing us to be part of this project.

Photographer: Danielle/ @thesundncekid

Designer: NYORH AGWE. NA15 "M'ba M'etta Collection + LEFTOVERS

Stylist: Londyn Douglas/ @londyndouglas

MUA: Danie/ @danieandthebloom


Nyorh Agwe