CEO Nyorh Agwe Talks Identity and Building a Fashion Brand with ShokoPress

I bet you too ask yourself a lot of questions. You ask yourself if you even have what it takes, if it is possible, if it is the right time, if, if, if, if. Sometimes you become stuck in the hurricane formed by your questions and swept up by uncertainty. But if you wish to escape you must silence the storm; you must silence the storm of your fears and your doubts. 

Fear and doubt are like the guests you never want to stay in your house. Do not welcome it in. Do not ask it to sit down or "feel right at home". And do not, by all means, ask it if it would like anything to eat or drink. Because if you do it will take off its shoes, recline the chair, and invite itself into everything you have.

Many of our fears and doubts come because of what we see others doing or becoming and comparing them to ourselves. At times we wish to be everything else than who we are and be everywhere else than where we are. The time we waste chasing after the lives of others is time we could spend on building and enjoying our own.

This is not a 5 step guide on how to build a brand. This is an invitation to befriend the unknown. Because to truly become a creator, an innovator, or an entrepreneur the unknown must be embraced. There is no one way of doing anything. And if you are to succeed, you must persevere through fear and doubt.

Hold onto peace in times of uncertainty. Find satisfaction in the place and time that you are in. Shift the atmosphere to generate joy through your purpose. Trust yourself in the future that has been made and promised just for you. Practice these and building a brand becomes simpler than you think.

Still need some convincing? Check out my interview with contemporary African art publication ShokoPress on their new platform Creative Careers Hub.  Click here to read the full story and share your thought below.