Special Auction at NYORH AGWE POP UP

Think you can’t make it to our August pop up shop? Afraid you might miss out on the purchase of your favorite outfit? Well, with you in mind, my thoughtful team came up with just the perfect solution to make it happen for you. Introducing our Instagram auction!  

With just 1 week away from our first ever pop up shop, I am so excited for the various activities we have packaged for you! Since we launched as a brand in 2016, the craftsmen and craftswomen of Cameroon have been a huge part of our family. In our past efforts to impact the rising poverty rate in Cameroon, we have done significant work in Foumban, Bamenda, Bamessing, Buea and Mbengwi, collaborating on numerous projects with local artisans. However, with the unfortunate politically related dispute currently taking place in Cameroon between the Anglophone (English speaking) and Francophone (French speaking) regions of Cameroon, it has made living and working conditions more difficult than before.

As a USA based company, sustaining our works in Cameroon has proven to be challenging and almost impossible at times. However, our production thus far testifies to our continuous believe that there are possibilities and opportunities even as challenges arise when God leads and guides. Therefor, this year the brand will hold a special auction during the pop up shop event for the Cameroon-USA made pieces. The proceeds will go towards redirecting the brand’s efforts to sustain job creation for those artisans suffering in poverty in Cameroon.

The auction will be held on Instagram from 6pm- 9pm on August 3rd and August 4th. Whether visiting at the shop or on our Instagram page @nyorhagwe.us, you can still participate! Different items will be posted on the 2 days auction sales so keep a close eye on your favorite pieces!

Here are the rules:

  • Follow our Instagram page @nyorhagwe.us to see the bidding posts.

  • All bidders must have an Instagram account. 

  • All bidders must have a valid email. 

  • All bidders must have a PayPal account.

  • Bidding opens from 6pm and ends at 9pm each day

  • Place your bid in the comments section under the image of the product you desire.

  • Bidding is in USD only.

  • Starting bid prices will be listed underneath the photo of each item and is a 10% discount from the direct purchase price. Bids are in increments of $5 or more with no dollar fractions, only whole numbers.

  • DM us your paypal email address after placing your bid. 

  • Keep checking our page to make sure no one has outbid you on your desired product.

  • At the close of the bidding, the winners will be announced through tagging on the image and a confirmation will also be sent directly to the email address provided. If you prefer to receive a phone call, please feel free to leave your phone # in our DM as well.

  • We will request for your postal address information. Please note that your bid excludes shipping. Shipping will be calculated based on the address.  

  • The winner must pay by 11:59pm on that bidding day, otherwise it goes to the next highest bidder.

Check out the looks below to see the current items up for auction. All will be uploaded by Monday, July 29th and will include item details and auction days.

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Nyorh Agwe