Rent Your Next Look!

Have a ceremony coming up? Or going on your next influencer trip? Make the moment unforgettable with something unique. Send an email to and ask about the 3-day rental request. Scroll down to see how previous clients have made their moments unforgettable.

Creative Desiree Venn Frederic wearing The Fon’s Culottes at her Ted Talk Presentation

Diana Opoti wearing the NA15 Raffia Throw for 100 Days of African Fashion Campaign

CEO of Vanity Fair Karleen Roy wearing apparel and accessories from the LEFTOVERS Collection and the NA15 Palm Tree Print Kaba on her Influencer Trip

Shea Zephir wearing NA17 Chway + Alpaca set for her engagement ceremony.

2018 Zimbabwe Achievers Awards nominee Tanyarandzwa Tawengwa wearing Scarlet Vest and NA15 Silk Linen Culottes.

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