Cast Your Vote for 2019 Summer Fest Workshops!

If there is any season worth slaying with style and creativity it is the summertime. Essence Festival, Sea Dance Festival, AfroPunk, Diner en Blanc, Tomorrow Land- the summer is full of fantastic events! And you know that Vogue, Essence, OkayAfrica, Elle Mag, and many more will be keeping there eyes open for the best dressed. So, what are you going to wear?!

You need your summer fest closet to be full of statement pieces that are easy, comfortable, and above all, unique with your personal flair. You have to go out with a bang this year, and I would be more than happy to help you do so!

This summer, I will be hosting 4 online sewing workshops showing you how to make the hottest summer fest looks from start to finish using two techniques I call Live Sketching and Live Draping.

Live Sketching is the ability to roughly “sketch out” an ensemble idea on top your body. Using our bodies as a canvas and delicately using our scissors as our drawing tool, we will create an outline of the look. It may sound a little scary, but trust me it is far from it. I will be teaching you the tips and tricks to use when Live Sketching to create fabulous pieces that look great on your exact body shape and size.

After our Live Sketch is complete we will Live Drape, which consists of applying the correct construction techniques onto our Live Sketch in order to clean finish the ensemble idea and transform it into a finished & wearable garment.

No dress form or fancy equipment will be necessary!

You will just need your body, a few basic tools, a mirror, and a sewing machine of your choice to create high end quality custom made looks in the comfort of your home.

The pieces that we will be making in each workshop will be inspired by the 8 Wrappa looks from my previous blog.

Cast your vote for the 4 pieces you would like to learn how to make in the Form box below.

The class will be made available in the TOOLS tab July 2019. Sign up below for more information on the class including the registration date and the office release date.

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