Capturing The Cocody Dress

Our trip to Cote D’Ivoire was the first trip my sisters and I took charge in pre-planning E V E R Y TH I N G. From the where we would eat to the places we would explore, the itinerary was full and requested that each of us pack an extra SD card or two.

What I love about our always photo ready generation is the interesting relationship between ones environment and what they wear documented in time. If you think about it, social media has impacted this relationship so much so that we location influences our outfit choices or our outfit choices influence our location. For example, you may buy the orange dress not only because it looks good on you but because you remember a blue background you saw a couple weeks ago that would make for a dope photo shoot. Or if you are shopping for an event, you may take the color pallet of the decor and what kind of flowers will be there into consideration when choosing your outfit. For this reason we are studying our environments more. It has become a valuable contribution to how and what we choose to communicate and express through visuals of ourselves. No longer is it just a sidewalk, or a wall, or a corner store. It is a part of our art.

I truly wanted to explore this relationship for myself when my family and I traveled to visit my father in Cote D’Ivoire. The piece that I was most excited about capturing was The Cocody Dress (named after the neighborhood in Abidjan where my father lives). This dress had to be captured in the perfect location in order for it to say what it had to say (Yes, in my opinion, clothes speak). The dress chose its canvas and I simply took the pleasure in wearing it. Check out the look below:

Shop the Cocody Dress HERE

A spoken word vlog of our trip by my sister Atang Agwe on her channel Lips of Love. The Cocody Dress is in motion on 5:05 but definitely watch the entire video. It is inspiring!

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