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Check out what our amazing clients had to say about their NYORH AGWE experiences:


"I received my Chway earrings and they look amazing,just as seen in the picture!!
I want to thank you for your kindness,good communication,ideal shopping experience and super fast shipping.
It was a pleasure to deal with you, everything worked out well and I look forward for my next purchase.
I just can’t wait to rock my Chway earrings and share a flawless pic on Instagram ;)"


"My experience was amazing and I greatly appreciate how responsive you are to emails as well as comments on Instagram. You made this transaction quick and painless. Keep up the amazing work and I can't wait to see how your business evolves."

- Zoel 

"Loved the shapes of the garments."


"It's an amazing experience if you're looking for identity not only the clothes."


"Unforgettable. I just remember feeling feminine and powerful."


"I expect people to ask me where I got the piece. If they only compliment, I tell them anyway because I am so proud of it."




"I felt distinct. I push for clothes that add shape to my body. I also appreciate the textures I can incorporate into my wardrobe."


"It was an amazing feeling! It makes you feel beautiful, so also confidence. And that was what you wanted to show to all the people!"


"In an elegant and artistic way it enhanced my self esteem and I felt very unique in every piece."


Amazing! So many compliments.


"It was comfortable. What's interesting is that her clothing does fit various sizes.




"It made me feel like a king of Africa and full of positive energy and power."

-Mo' Mohamed

"Bright and modern."


"I felt vibrant and free."


"Amazing. Felt like a star."


"Lots of compliments."