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NYORH AGWE is a unique lifestyle brand offering exceptionally made works of art that spark the playful and exploratory side of its consumers, nurture experiences that enable creativity, and celebrate individualism. 


to provide products that liberate the wearer’s creative spirit to explore his/her identity and embrace the power of the creator within. 


To reengage and actively practice the true nature and purpose of being human; love.



At NYORH AGWE, we do our best to work with rich and healthy natural fiber materials like silk, cotton, linen, and wool. We follow the natural dyeing methods of our ancestors and source these materials locally.  

In addition, our design process is such that we up cycle the leftover materials from our collections into new products therefore creating a zero waste friendly design system. 

Styles from the NA' collections are also produced on a made to order basis. This Slow Fashion method limits over production and excessive inventory. Above all, it will not put undue stress on our artisans.    



 More than half of Cameroon's population lives in poverty.  By collaborating with Cameroonian artisans, we not only ensure that the luxury of craftsmanship in Cameroon will stay alive, but that these artisans have a dependable source of income and a chance at financial independence for them and their families.  

In addition, we develop programs that continue the expansion of their skills so that they are strengthened and encouraged to continue their passions.

It is our goal to be a "Made in Cameroon" brand one day. Therefore, fighting to re-establish and re-invent the art culture that so eloquently reflected the history of its people is deeply important to us. 




Many of our apparel pieces do not follow western tailoring. Silhouettes echo traditional West African garment construction. In many of the pieces, this gives room for a variety of body types and sizes to all enjoy one style. 

The construction of most garments are not strict and therefore allow the wearer to play and recreate the primary function of the piece. 




Nyorh A. Agwe


Nyorh Agwe was born in Yaoundé, Cameroon in 1993 to Dr. Eveline Ane & Jonathan Agwe. Because of her parents careers, Nyorh experienced a very nomadic lifestyle. It seemed as if the only consistent thing was change and very frequently she would lose herself in it all. However, she found stability in art which grew to be a true passion of hers.  

In 2015, She graduated from Parsons School of Design with a BFA in Fashion Design. Currently, she is studying for her MBA at Nova Southeastern University. Fashion made way for her to discover her identity and purpose. She desires to share this same liberation with others, especially with her people in Cameroon. She believes that fashion can truly expand past materialism; it can be a spiritual connection to the creator within.  



Eveline Ane & jonathan Agwe & Family 

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