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About the Company

Nyorh Agwe is a unique ethical luxury lifestyle brand that breeds bold individuality. Throughout the brand visuals unfold telling the continuous story of an African girl growing up everywhere except Africa. The journey brings about moments, memories, and experiences blurred between multi cultural and social barriers to challenge and to share throughout the collection. 

Stepping back into its roots, Nyorh Agwe strives to be a Made in Cameroon label. By supporting local Cameroonian artisans from all over the region, we fight to re-establish and re-invent the art culture that so eloquently reflected the history of its people. In collaboration with Cameroonian artisans we celebrate their craft by incorporating their unique techniques to create unexpected fabrications.    

The Nyorh Agwe brand pushes to sustain the hand craft of Cameroon artisans by providing jobs and development programs to expand their skills as well as an outlet to continue their stories. Nyorh Agwe is a brand that challenges the idea of how culture can move forward into modernity without forgetting itself completely. 


About the Artist

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Nyorh Agwe was born in Yaoundé, Cameroon in 1993. However, she did not stay there for long. In fact, shortly after her birth she moved back to Italy with her mother and grew up there until she was 4 years old. From there she moved back to Cameroon and lived there until she was 6 before finally moving to the United States. Even then her family always traveled and Nyorh began to live a life that was constantly changing and moving. 

The family and friends that were in her life constantly changed as well but is seemed that the arts was one way she could conceal the moments spent with them. She picked up different craft techniques from various family members and the various schools she attended in her life. Before she knew it art became the only consistent and static thing to her in a lifestyle that seemed nomadic. As a result, Nyorh’s aesthetic as an artist has always a by product of her life as a traveler, specifically the cultural clashes she experienced growing up. Her work has always had a link to the Cameroonian culture she never knew as well as the American Culture she currently lives. 

 In 2011, Nyorh attended Parsons School of Design to pursue a fashion design career and graduated in 2015. Fashion seemed to lure her more and more into learning about her birth culture and birth people. Coming to the realization that she was neither fully "African" nor fully "American" by societies definition, she claimed both cultures. She began to embrace the cross cultural personality and experiences that she had developed. She includes her cross cultural experience throughout her work presenting pieces that are unique, explorational, eclectic, and often in one way or another speak of her cross cultural experience as an African girl growing up anywhere except in Africa.

In 2016 she founded Nyorh Agwe the clothing brand to share her experiences as to how she was able to rewrite her story through fashion. As she had endured living in societies box she soon realized that her beloved country Cameroon was going through the same. By fighting to retrieve the strong identity of her people through what she knows best, the arts, she is able to create a platform for her people to tell their stories themselves through their eyes. She hopes that by sharing her story and the story of others we can all find joy and peace in who we truly are unchained and free. 


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