You are welcomed, you are welcomed *in Cameroonian accent*!

My name is Nyorh Agwe. As you can see from the virtual accent, I am Cameroonian… well Cameroonian-American actually. I was born in Yaoundé, Cameroon in 1993 to Dr. Ane & Dr. Agwe. When I was 6, we moved to America and, because of my parents careers, we have been moving around ever since. My families nomadic lifestyle had its ups and downs. The blessing in it was that I had the opportunity to experience different cultures, meet people from different backgrounds, and live in vastly different places. I mean the chaos of it all sometimes had me lost as a young woman, but the chaos of it all also found me as an artist. So I guess the chaos worked out for my good anyway!

And it did- In 2015, I graduated from Parsons School of Design with a BFA in Fashion Design. After a wonderful experience working with artisans from my birth country, I founded my lifestyle brand, NYORH AGWE, in 2016 . Through the chaos (mentioned earlier), fashion became an avenue for me to discover my own identity and my voice. It was (and still is) my greatest tooI for self-reflection. And through self-reflection, I found the greatest gift ever- the gift of life.

In 2017, I was saved and grew to develop a personal relationship with Jesus. As a 2nd generation Immigrant born to West African parents and pursuing a career path that is “unusual”, my ability to know and trust myself needs to be strong. My creator gives me that ability and I have been so intrigued with what else I have been created for.

What about you? You could use some more strength, encouragement, purpose, peace, love right? Well that is what this brand is about. I truly believe that what makes fashion remarkable is its ability to expand past mere materialism. In a sense, that is what fashion taught me how to do- to liberate my creative spirit and allow it to explore identity and the power of the creator within. This lesson is what I desire to share with you. I hope you’ll join me on this journey!



NYORH AGWE is a unique lifestyle brand offering exceptionally made works of art that spark the playful and exploratory side of its consumers, nurture experiences that enable creativity, and celebrate individualism. 


to provide products that liberate the wearer’s creative spirit to explore his/her identity and embrace the power of the creator within. 


To reengage and actively practice the true nature and purpose of being human; love.